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Get The Relationship You Want | March 18, 2018

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5 Signs You Shouldn’t Be With Someone (Even If You Love Them)

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Be With Someone (Even If You Love Them)
  • On September 13, 2017

Saying goodbye to a significant other is hard, and what makes it even tougher is when you’re still in love with that person. Still, sometimes love isn’t enough and there are people who simply aren’t meant for you.

If you’re heart is saying one things and you’re head another, then look for these signs to see if your partner isn’t the one for you. It may be a hard reality to face, but just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re a match made in heaven.

You want different things.

Him smiling, her frowning.If you and your partner have very different life goals then you may not be as good a match as you once thought. In the beginning of a relationship it can be tough to pinpoint differences, and it’s rare to put a lot of thought into where those clashing wants will take you. Over time however, once subtle deviants can evolve into game changers.

Let’s say for instance that you want to travel the world and live freely. Your partner, on the other hand, wants to have a stable job and children. Like odd puzzle pieces, those two wants don’t fit together. Why? Because you can’t have both lifestyles, at least not at the same time. Since you can’t expect someone to give up their dreams for you, this is a sign that you shouldn’t be with this person. Even though it may hurt, you should cut ties so that both of you have the opportunity to life the lives you’ve always wanted, without regret or fear of missing out.

You feel like you’re not going anywhere.

If you feel like you’re living in The Truman Show or that your relationship has turned into a routine then your partner may not be for you. Since relationships are suppose to promote growth both as individuals and as a couple, if things are feeling stagnant then this could be a sign that you need to move on.

You have no sexual chemistry.

Close up of couple's lips.While sex is only one component of a relationship, it is a big one that’s necessary for having a healthy relationship. Attraction is key to keeping couples together, but sadly those feelings can dissipate when sexual needs go unanswered.

If your sex life is less than “okay,” then you need to look at the bigger picture. No matter how much you love your special someone, having sexual chemistry is essential. That’s not to say that sex has to be great all the time though, after all, there will inevitability be less than orgasmic encounters. If however, the chemistry has long left the relationship then it may be impossible to keep the spark alive.

You’re constantly making sacrifices for your partner.

Relationships are a partnership, or at least they should be. If you find yourself giving time and time again, and you’re getting little in return, then it’s time to step back and reevaluate the situation.

Sacrificing yourself can come in many forms – emotionally, financially, mentally and physically. Whether you’re constantly paying your partner’s way through life, giving up your plans for theirs or even something as simple as only eating the foods they want, sooner or later things will spiral out of control and  love alone won’t be able to save your relationship. Partners are meant to be equals.

Your partner is the be-all and end-all of your life.

Couple walking on the beach.It’s easy to get swept away in love, but if your partner is the total essence of your life then it may be time to pull back. As amazing as overwhelming, passionate love can seem, being obsessed with someone to the point where they consume all of you is never a healthy sign.

If you find yourself needing your partner (rather than wanting them), or unable to function without them by your side, then whoa darlin’, you’re in too deep and it’s time to come back up for air. Codependency in a relationship is never healthy.


Source: lovelearnings

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